FRIEDE  ist ein  Kinderrecht !

Essentials For The Biwak

Twice a year, each teenager and child who lives in the BIWAK-Hall gets a supporting present from our association.


In the winter it is a personal present like a book, schoolbag, DVD, sport item, game, etc. What they get is decided by their supervisors, who know what each child needs. 


Why it is a GOOD ACTION:


In most cases, the young people who had to flee under life-threatening and traumatic conditions don't own anything when they arrive in Austria. But, as we all know, to own something means a lot. You can determine what you do with it, whom you will lend it to and with whom you want to share it. For the refugee teenagers, who can't get part time jobs, due to their visa, it's not easy to buy something for themselves. That's the reason why we give something to the children in the BIWAK, - so they have an item they can call their own.


In the summer, at the end of the schoolyear, everyone in the BIWAK gets a pass for the public swimming pool in Hall, as well as a towel, hat, ... or thongs depending on which things are needed.


Why it is a GOOD ACTION:


The psychological and emotional aspects of a social community are very important. In the public swimming pool, the young people learn again how to have fun, to spend time with their friends, to laugh but also to get to know other members of the community and families who live in the same town. Also, integration, cultural exchanges and learning from each other just happens in a relaxed and joyful environment like the public swimming pool.


This social network gives safety, joy, and friendship, and best of all: everyone gains from it.  



In addition, the swimming pool is a great location to relax and recover from the intense and exhausting time at school (most teenagers from the BIWAK learn German pretty well during their first year in Austria and finish compulsory schooling)