FRIEDE  ist ein  Kinderrecht !


Through a variety of activities we actively and financially support the Biwak-Hall and Ayas-foundation. The goal of this cooperation is to directly help the children through people and projects that are individually adjusted to children's needs. (for example the essentials for the Biwak-Hall, the education centre for women in Afghanistan, ...)

In additon we guartantee, that every cent donated will go to these children straight away and will be used entirely for their health, wellbeing and education. 





Currently, there are 15 young people living in the „BIWAK“ in Hall in Tyrol (Austria), who had to flee from their home countries under life-threatening conditions and arrived in Austria without a guardian.
The main goals of this supervised, socio-paedagogic living communtiy are to enable these young people to be integrated into the local community, learn the German language, go to school and

have their needs met.

The strength and endurance of these young people made us think and showed us how important it is not to look away and not to give up and instead to do GOOD ACTIONS.


tel.: (+43) 5223/ 57016






In 2004 the couple Dr Sima and Dr. Akbar Ayas established their foundation "Emergency Relief For Afghanastani Children". Both of them were born in Afghanistan, but later moved to Germany. Through their foundation they built a house for children in need, in Charikar/Afghanistan, where 105 children are being looked after and educated. In addition for children and teenagers are provided with vital operations by the Ayas-foundation.

During their several stays in Afghanistan per year, the Ayas family works directly with the children and people they help. More information about their activities can be found here or on their webpage:


tel.: (+49) 2681 950110