FRIEDE  ist ein  Kinderrecht !


Our logo is based on the following thoughts:



  • The RAINBOW stands for a peaceful togetherness. This is exactly what we strive for with our work with people from different cultural backgrounds.  
  • Rainbows occur only when the sun shines at the same time as it rains. With the work of our association we want to create 'sunshine' for those who live in 'darkness'.
  • In our logo, the rainbow spans over the GOOD ACTIONS and the CHILDREN and TEENAGERS, whom we want to support with our work.
  • The core of the logo  symbolises a bridge. The G and S symbolise the poles, and span a connection between us and people in need.
  • This bridge leads to humanity, no matter from which side you enter it.  
  • Refugee relief makes sense for us, if we consider all sides. On the one hand  the young people and children who had to flee, on the other hand those people who are still in Afghanistan or other countries and who battle to survive!
  • You can help as well! With your financial and active support the project will be founded to enable us to do GOOD ACTIONS for those in need.