FRIEDE  ist ein  Kinderrecht !



The origin of our association is very personal.


When a beloved person dies, people feel disorientated and helpless. I myself had to cope with this painful experience when my beloved husband passed away. Back then I read the book `The life after death' by Rudolf Steiner, which impressed me. One quotation especially helped me through this difficult time:


"Sometimes unfair and painful events happen and we are in a dark place. From there, you should do something social, something good, to make a star sparkle to disperse   the dark shadows.“ (loosely translated)


At the same time that I read this book, Benjamin Ranaudo, a young Australian soldier, and friend of our family member was killed in Afghanistan. Suddenly the sentence from the book assumed major importance for me. I knew that I wanted to do something good for the children of Afghanistan. I wanted to bring a sparkling star to the darkness these children live in, and also to honour the amazing Karl Hörmann and Benjamin Ranaudo.


Shortly afterwards I got to know an Afghan family - the Ayas, both doctors, and their children-emergency-relief foundation in Afghanistan. The Ayas Family has lived in Germany now for 30 years.  They recently sold their practice and now work solely for their foundation. 


I am a big fan of the SOS - Childrensvillages founded by Hermann Gmeiner. Unfortunatelly it isn't possible to build an SOS-Childrensvillage in Afghanistan at the moment, because it's a warzone. But as soon as the situation improves, we will try to realise this goal in cooperation with SOS-Childrensvillages International. 


Through a newspaper article talking about Farid, an afghan refugee child, I got to know the instution Biwak-Hall and one of the supervisors Mr. Kerer. I hold the Biwak-Hall in high esteem. It is a wonderful Institution which provides help for children who had to flee from their home country without their families.


Finally, on 27.05.2011, with some motivated and ambitious people, I founded the association:

"Good Actions - for children and teenagers in need 

(especially those from Afghanistan) " 


Currenly, our assosiation supports the Ayas-foundation and the Biwak-Hall. This cooperation is very strong, interesting and sucessful as you can see when looking at our actions


At the moment, we try to inform as many people as possible about our work and we also try to acquire members and doners to financially support the children we are responsible for.


"All children of this world are our children.“ (Hermann Gmeiner)

 (loosely translated) 

Gudrun Hörmann