FRIEDE  ist ein  Kinderrecht !

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"Good Actions - for children and teenagers in need (especially those from Afghanistan)" is a friendly society, which aims to help young people. For example, the decades of war in Afghanistan has created a vast number of orphaned, homeless, sick and fleeing children. We don't want want to look away anymore. We'd rather DO GOOD ACTIONS.




If we had been born in a country where war, destruction, hunger, thirst and cold dominate our daily life, we would wish for people like Sima and Akbar Ayas, who provide us with hope as well as flour, oil and a warm blanket (all bought from local businesses to strengthen the economy of Afghanistan).


If we were forced by destiny to send our children to a strange and distant country, if our children had to flee on their own, then we would be thankful if they ended up in a safe, professional and caring environment like the BIWAK. There, wonderful and educated people meet the needs of children from all over the world and provide a home for them. 



  • provide the chance for a better life and survival for children and teenagers in need 
  • strengthen independence
  • strengthen local families
  • build bridges of understanding between different cultures through information and educational work
  • support the AYAS - Foundation with their projects in Afghanistan
  • support the BIWAK - HALL and the cooperating workshop called WINGS